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From: Jeff Mead <>
Subject: Fender Stringmaster Tunings

Hi Bob,

It was nice to see a web page devoted to the Steel guitar. I was particularly interested in the bit about your Fender Stringmaster. I too play a Stringmaster, but I have the 3 neck model.

I use A6 as my main tuning and a variation of E13 on the second neck:

      A6         E13
    1  E        1  E
    2  C#       2  C#
    3  A        3  B
    4  F#       4  G#
    5  E        5  F#
    6  C#       6  D
    7  A        7  G#
    8  F#       8  E

I am trying to find a good tuning for the third neck. My favourite players are (were) Don Helms (from Hank Williams' band), Speedy West, Noel Boggs, Leon McAuliffe. As you will guess I am looking for another jazzy/swing tuning. Are there any you could recommend? I was also toying with the idea of trying a low bass tuning instead - again any suggestions would be welcome.

I also have a pedal steel that I don't play as much (partly because it is so darned heavy to carry around!!!). It is a Fender 4000 I think. It has two 8 string necks with 3 pedals on one neck and 5 on the other. The pedals are cable operated and there are no knee levers.

I use the 3 pedal neck for some very basic E9 stuff (as I only have 8 strings, I don't have the high chromatic strings).

The other neck I tune to A6 which I can modify with the pedals into 9ths and 7ths etc. Unfortunately, each time I use it, I have to spend some time re-discovering what the pedals do.

Anyway, thanks again for the page. I've put it in my hot list so I can check out what's new. If you get time, I'd love to hear from you.

Keep picking,


Jeff Mead ... EMail

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